Navigating Loneliness in a Socially-Distanced World

This has been a year unlike any other.  No one could have guessed our society would face a pandemic that would claim so many lives, and so devastatingly disrupt our very basic and fundamental need for human connection.  Medical and psychological science agree that isolation is supremely unhealthy in every domain.  Increases in anxiety, depression, and decreases in necessary immune-functioning...[ read more ]

Social-Media Thoughts for Christians in a Covid-19 Age

To my Christian brothers and sisters: In a semi-break from my typical writing style, as of late I have been sensing great tensions on social media among Christians over Covid-19 views. So while I normally prefer to remain silent during cultural and political conflict, this time, I fear collateral damage both to the name of Christ and to the social,...[ read more ]

Dear Mamas of Covid-19

I don’t think any of us could have possibly imagined how quickly, abruptly, and dynamically our lives were about to change just one short month ago. When the daily American grind came screeching to an almost immediate halt, shock and grief only naturally followed. The world has been cancelled. The biggest time-out situation of our lifetimes has arrived. And yet...[ read more ]

Pain and Love: Lessons Learned

I’m about to get real with y’all. They often say that therapists are “wounded healers.” And I can honestly say I have yet to meet a fellow therapist that didn’t have a story (myself included, of course). But the story of how someone chooses a career path such as this is really a journey from pain to love.  It is...[ read more ]

Understanding the Suicidal Mind

My husband and I recently took a trip to NYC and had the opportunity to visit the World Trade Center Museum and 9/11 Memorial. I have to say that no person with a heart can make it through that museum without weeping.  So much pain, such darkness, such sorrow… Surrounded by thousands of people walking through, the reverent silence was...[ read more ]

The 5 Levels of Love

Why do people say they love you and then leave you? I think this is a fundamental question that every human being has asked at one point or another. As a therapist, this question frequents the counseling room almost daily it seems. Broken relationships, fractured friendships, decimated family bonds and devastated marriages all get in line with this same question....[ read more ]

Overcoming Toxic Shame

A memory that remains forever seared into my brain involves a nervous walk to my teacher’s office after school; upon knocking and entering, I explained that I was confused by the material we were learning and asked for her help in its comprehension.  She offered to re-explain it to me and as I sat there still with nothing registering, she...[ read more ]

The Parentified Child

Have you ever noticed a young child who seemed incredibly mature for her age? Maybe it was her natural ability to communicate well and navigate comfortably within the world of adults. Maybe it was her knowledge of cooking and cleaning; maybe you saw the way she embraced a “mommy-like” care-taking role with her siblings all while at the age of...[ read more ]

5 Tips for Back-to-School Anxiety

It’s that time of year once again! Back to school ushers in supply shopping, teacher meetings, orientations, and that happy re-orientation to bedtime and early morning routine! Often with back to school preparation, many kids share a similar dread in anticipation of the school year start-up. Resistance may feel strong and can begin to wear on parents. However of note,...[ read more ]

Avoiding the #1 Predictor of Divorce

In a culture where divorce is so rampant, there is no wondering why my husband and I received so many “good luck” cards and wishes on our wedding day.  Although the admonitions struck us as rather rude and non-celebratory at the time, it quickly became apparent how much dedication and hard work is really required in maintaining a strong, life-long...[ read more ]

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