Stress. Fear. Anxiety. Heartbreak. Sadness. Depression. Anger. Regret. Loneliness. Hopelessness…Isolation Fatigue.  Whatever your darkness, you CAN be free! There is always hope! The sun will rise again!

"Weeping may last for the night, but joy comes with the morning." -Psalm 30:5

If you are experiencing something in your personal life, your marriage, or your family that has or is creating pain and difficulty, give me a call or send me a message today! You don’t have to continue in this stuck place! Together, we can take a deep-dive into your world, exploring and uncovering your uniquely personal life experiences, and discovering what has defined you and brought you to where you are! Together, we can identify the barriers within your intimate relationships, learn the art of love and move toward healing and healthy relationship mastery! And whichever road we travel, truth will join us and show you the potential you never knew you had!
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Meet Katie Rowe

Hi! My name is Katie Rowe and I would like to journey with you toward a restored and rising hope! If you, your child, or someone you love are living with distressing anxiety, depression, fear, shame, guilt, hurt, anger, relational or marital conflict, social/interpersonal difficulties, or a major life transition, then therapy may be right for you! As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with the state of Florida and over 15 years’ experience, I specialize in working with children, teens, families, couples, and women on the above issues. If any of these apply to you, give me a call! Know that with me, you can enter a caring and inviting sanctuary of acceptance, safety and trust. 


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