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    Are you in a place right now where you look at your spouse and wonder “what happened to us?”  You remember the early bliss of the relationship, the late night conversations, the fun and exciting dates, the friendship and romance that kept you inseparable; but now you feel disconnected, lonely, or even hurt, possibly betrayed.  Maybe you feel like a pinball, bouncing back and forth between hope and hopelessness? Between a desire to fix your marriage and just giving up? Maybe divorce seems like your only option.

    I want to encourage you not to give up!  I believe in miracles.  Whether you are stuck in a small rut, or whether the divorce papers are sitting on your kitchen counter.  I have watched couples experience a revitalization of love that no one would have ever expected!

    In marital counseling, I can help you:

    • improve the quality of your communication and ability to listen deeply
    • learn to manage conflict in healthy ways with positive outcomes
    • get back to your friendship and renew intimacy
    • identify and combat personal stress and individual barriers within the relationship
    • rebuild trust and heal deep hurts or betrayal


    With the excitement and newness of love, it is easy to become enraptured in the delectable food tastings, exploration of reception halls, flower and decor selections, gown and dress fittings, and all the fun and exciting moments of wedding planning! Time and money quickly slip through our fingers as we design the fantastical day of our dreams!! And while the wedding day is a beautiful and holy thing, what is often forgotten is an investment in the marriage itself. In our age and culture of relational conflict and widespread divorce, why not take every precaution to learn and to safeguard your marriage BEFORE day one!

    Did you know that studies on divorce prediction have shown that the ability to communicate deeply and effectively manage conflict are major factors in marital success or failure?!  Typical areas where conflict may arise include financial management, sexual frequency and need, personality clashes, stress from responsibilities, recreational preferences, household chores, parenting expectations, family of origin, and differing expectations on what marriage will or should be like.   As such, conflict is a natural and expected part of marriage. Learning to navigate the natural differences and inevitable conflict that two individuals bring to the relationship is absolutely essential!

    With me, couples will begin by completing the Prepare-Enrich, an online assessment of very specific strengths and growth areas within their relationship. Upon determining their unique dynamics, sessions can be tailored to their individual and relational needs with activities, skill learning and practice, an in-depth look at the impact that families of origin can bring to the relationship, understanding the realistic and natural stages of marriage, facing and discussing the typical divorce risks, and concluding with individual personality profiles for increased understanding of each other!

    Consider investing beyond the wedding, only day ONE of the marriage, and invest in a lifetime of love together!