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    Individual Counseling

    Sometimes things happen in life that are difficult to understand and process. Sometimes, all the self-help books and coffee dates with friends still do not begin to touch the pain and struggle within.  If you find yourself in a place like this, therapy may be able to help!

    In therapy with me, we will take a look at you as an entire person.  We will certainly address your presenting struggles, but will not stop there. 

    We will work on your MIND: exploring your ongoing stressors, family of origin, significant and painful experiences or memories, your thoughts and thinking process, your perception, and your beliefs about yourself and others. 

    We will dive into your HEART: identifying deep emotion, both hidden and known, processing it, grieving what needs to be grieved, learning which emotion to let yourself feel, and when it is time to let the emotion go. 

    We will examine the needs of your BODY: the importance of sleep, proper nutrition, the need for fresh air, exercise, and vacation for self-care!

    And if you desire, we can take a look at your SOUL: disillusionment or anger with God, the church, struggles in faith, questions on the meaning and purpose of life, hurt from past people of faith.

    And through all of this exploration, you will be given skill sets, healthy ways of thinking, and TRUTH to help bring healing and balance to your thoughts, perceptions and beliefs.  And though each of these elements will be processed individually, together they represent the totality of YOU!  And when you are functioning with a strong MIND, a courageous HEART, a healthy BODY, and a healed SOUL, you will be whole!

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Relationships
    • Betrayal/Infidelity
    • Loneliness
    • Healing from divorce
    • Infertility or pregnancy loss
    • Postpartum emotion
    • Bereavement
    • Parenting and single parenting
    • Burnout, Life-career balance
    • Life Transitions